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Meteorological station

PI: Giovanni Muscari

A meteorological station measuring temperature, pressure and relative humidity is installed on the North-West side of the THAAO, at a 4m height above ground.

The station is comprised of a Campbell Scientific HC2S3 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe.
The probe uses Rotronic's IN1 capacitive sensor to measure relative humidity and a 100 Ω PRT to measure temperature.
Pressure is measured through a CS100 barometer which uses Setra's Setraceram capacitive sensor and IC analog circuit to measure barometric pressure over a 600 to 1100 hPa range.
The pressure sensor is located inside the building but senses the pressure outside by means of a small tube passing through the wall.

Measurements are fed at 10-minute intervals to a CR200x datalogger which then uploads the data to a PC. The station was installed at the THAAO in July 2016 but was moved to the current location a year later.