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The Humidity And Temperature PROfiler (HATPRO)

PI: Giandomenico Pace

In the framework of the SVAAP project, a microwave profiler, a HATPRO G2 purchased from the Radiometer Physics GmbH (RPG), was installed at Thule in July 2016.
The radiometer measures the brightness temperature in the K and V bands sampling the water vapor absorption lines and the oxygen complex.
A statistical inversion methodology, similar to that described in Löhnert and Crewell [2003], is used to continuously derive the amount of the integrated water vapor, the liquid water path as well as the tropospheric temperature and specific humidity profiles.
A detailed description of the HATPRO design is given by Rose et al. [2005].
A zenith looking infrared pyrometer, an Heitronics KT 19.85 II, operating in the 9.6-11.5 µm band, was installed in proximity of the HATPRO to provide information concerning the presence and the altitude of clouds.

Scientific issues of interest

A summer- and winter-time view of the HATPRO installed on the roof of the Building 1971 at Thule Air Base.


The pyrometer is installed on a hatch of the roof of Building 1971; an air fan helps to prevent the formation/deposition of ice and snow on the external window.